We Don't Invent
We Create.
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Jardin De Bali was set up in London by Botanist and Landscape Gardener, Jeremy MaCri. 

After a highly successful career landscape gardening in London, Jeremy knew that he would like to work with sculptures made from wood and natural elements.

Jeremy traveled across the planet looking for the best materials available to realise his creation.


After many years of searching, Jeremy came across a workshop in Bali where craftsmen use 100% recycled glass and Gamal Wood or Teak Wood.


That was the start of JARDIN DE BALI.

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Each creation is an unique piece of art:
-authentic, organic, and very beautiful.
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The glass bowl is laid over the wood while it's hot, so it moulds perfectly onto the abstract piece of wood.
Jeremy continually improves the product. He checks and approves all the raw materials personally.
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JARDIN DE BALI fight against the deforestation and plastic micro pollution in the oceans.

Completely based on an eco-friendly chain, JARDIN DE BALI use some 100% recycled glass gathered from discarded and broken pieces, melted down, and mouth-blown into custom shapes.


The wood crafted by hand from the scavenged and salvaged branches of trees that have been demolished by government-controlled plantations in Indonesia, these pieces are 100% eco-friendly and repurposed.


Even the JARDIN DE BALI paper carry bags are 100% recycled.


As part of Jardin De France, JARDIN DE BALI works with Eden Projects.


They are based in California and plant trees around the planet to fight against the deforestation!


We believe that giving back to the planet more than we take is very important. So with every item we sell, we plant a tree 🌱


We plant in Madagascar, Indonesia, Nepal and Haiti where native useful trees are planted to benefit the local communities.


Trees act as sponges when there is floods and greatly prevents large environmental catastrophes. Also, the trees are planted and protected by the locals, which provides long term and sustainable employment. 


For every purchase You make, we plant a Tree!🌱

Soil Stabilisation

Gliricidia Sepiumis


A fast-growing ruderal species that takes advantage of slash and burn practices in its native range.


Because it is easily propagated and grows quickly, it is also planted to prevent topsoil erosion in the initial stages of reforesting denuded areas, and as an intermediate step to be taken before introducing species that take longer to grow

Tectona Grandis

Wood texture is hard and ring porous.

Teak is used in India, Indonesia to make doors, houses and furniture. It is resistant to termite attacks, and damage caused by  other insects. Teak has been used as a boatbuilding material for over 200 years.