Time To Feel...
The Elements,The Vibrations
As Human Beings, we are connected to our planet.

We all carry the DNA from our ancestors.


Sensibility to the elements is our heritage.

The power to Feel; 

-The Sun on our skin, 

-The taste in our mouth, 

-The odour of the ground after the rain, 

-The sound of the wind in the branches, 

-The vue of a beautiful mountain,

...but also some invisible feelings such as the connection we have with certain, Stones, Trees, Animals.


Deep in our DNA we all have that legacy. 

Our ancestors used to live, work and die surrounded by natural elements, Plants, Minerals, Animals.


In JARDIN DE BALI we remember that connection and invite you to Feel it... again!

Via our creation and sculpture we are going to share that deep feeling with you!


All our items are made with authentic and unique pieces of wood. 

We add the mineral side with the recycled glass. 

Mixing vegetal and organic. The result of this amazing combination is a real piece of Art.


As soon as you touch our Sculptures, you will understand it. 


We are really proud to bring on the Market some authentic items able to link the ancient and modern, connect the contemporary with the rustic.


These unique Sculptures will enhance all type of interiors. The ambiance of the room you will put it in, will completely change or fit perfectly if you already are a Wood/ Glass lover.


A really important part of our Philosophy is also to contribute to save the planet! 100% eco-friendly items. 

Each one of us is responsible for his actions and non-action!

Example; do not use plastic bags anymore! Or recycle theme!


In JARDIN DE BALI, we believe that giving back to the planet more than we take is very important. So with every item we sell, we plant a tree 🌱


With our partner Eden Projects we plant in Madagascar, Indonesia, Nepal and Haiti where native trees are planted to benefit the local communities.


Trees act as sponges when there is floods and greatly prevents large environmental catastrophes. As well, the trees are planted and protected by the locals, which provides long term and sustainable employment. 



Thank you.